Years Fishing?
My parents house had a little stream behind the garden, I caught my first trout with the age of 4 and basically fished ever since. I started fly fishing 6 years ago and never touched a conventional fishing rod again, it was a start from zero to a hundred.

My passion?
What really gets my blood pumping is saltwater sight fishing. Wading the flats and approaching a small group of tailing permit is my fly fishing heaven. These fish are difficult and spooky, require very accurate casting and are enormously powerful in the fight, incredible fishery!

Can you tell us a little about your home waters and the fish you pursue there?
My favorite territory in Germany is the Island of Rügen in northeastern Germany. With an amazing northern pike fishing on the one hand and great sea trout opportunities on the other hand, it’s a rare combination in this quality. Other parts of the German Baltic coast are also part of my sea trout fishery as well as two brown trout streams in western Germany.

What’s the height of the season for you?
There are different heights of the season in my fishing year. The first peak is in early spring at the baltic coast when chasing sea run browns is in full swing. Followed by the first northern pike peak in early may and the great brown trout months of April, May and June. Usually there is a little break during the hot summer months, before sea trout start again in Autumn and an amazing pike fishery during the winter months.

What time of year is your personal favourite?
It’s spring and I love to experience nature awakening and coming back to life. Great fishing completes this perfect time of the year for me..

What are your favourite travel destinations?
In terms of saltwater fishing my favorit destinations are the permit flats of Belize and Mexico, as well as the very diverse fishery at Los Roques, Venezuela. When it comes to freshwater, I like the Atlantic salmon rivers of east Canadas Gaspé Peninsula a lot. Also, this area offers amazing striped bass fishing at the coastline and adds perfectly to salmon fishing.

What’s on the bucket list?
Tough one, but a thing that is high up on the list are the beaches of Baja California in Mexico with it’s stunning roosterfish. And in the end, who doesn’t want to fish the Seychelles one day?

My go-to rods?
My go-to-rod is an 8-weight. There is probably no better rod in terms of diversity and areas of application. Whether it’s sea trout, pike, bonefish, permit, trigger fish, baby tarpon, redfish, steelhead, salmon etc., the list could be easily continued, take your 8-weight and you are set up for many occasions.

What’s your current go-to fly?
I enjoy tying flies a lot, but I don’t have a particular go-to-fly. My tying changed a little bit during the years and the keyword of simplicity is clearly in the focus these days. In the end I want to catch fish with my flies and don‘t put them into a glass vitrine. A great fly hast o be catchy and simple at the same time. My current favorit is a GT fly which consists of 1 kind of tying material, a hook and 2 eyes.