Years Fishing?
I’ve been fly fishing for the last twenty years, with the last five years concentrating on salt water fly fishing in Fiji.

My passion?
My passion is having the opportunity to share awesome experiences with fellow anglers who visit my island home! With that also the opportunity to pass on a strong message of oceanic conservation in the south Pacific.

Can you tell us a little about your home waters and the fish you pursue there?
My home waters are the waters surrounding mamanuca and Yaswa islands of Fiji’s Western division. You’ll either find me and the team chasing pelagic species, from Sailfish to various species of tuna. We also love to target various reef species, with our main target being giant Trevally!

What’s the height of the season for you?
Our peak seasons very depending on the species being targeted. Our summer time (Northern hemisphere winter) is the best period to target the tuna species and GT’s. Also this is when you’ll find the Mahimahi running in numbers. With the ending of summer the runs of smaller yellowfin tuna come through, which are great fun on a twelve weight! Moving through to our winter period the focus turns to Wahoo and Sailfish, with tease and switch being the preferred method of fishing

What time of year is your personal favourite?
My personal favorite time of year is our end of summer and Autumn as this is when you have the greatest number of species available to target.

What are your favourite travel destinations?
My favorite destination for freshwater would be Europe chasing wild trout! When it comes to saltwater my favorite destination is the Yasawa islands in Fiji!

What’s on the bucket list?
In all honesty I’m living it!

My go-to rods?
My go to rods are twelve weights when chasing pelagic species when blue water fishing, and nine weights for fishing for the smaller inshore species

What’s your current go-to fly?
My current go to fly is a high tie deceiver, it has a wonderful profile that matches a huge variety of bait fish. The colours very but I have found pink over white and all white is the most prolific