The WorldFlyAngler TEAM
Love what you Fish .. and Fish what you Love ! 

We will only distribute Fly Fishing products that we love and fish every time we hit the water.  It would be impossible to put our heart and soul in to what we do if we do not have an emotional attachment to the products we represent.

After 42 years of Passionate Fly Fishing and 25 years of Professional Guiding in three countries in both fresh and salt water. After running two Fly Shops and two Professional Fly Fishing Schools we know what works on the water and the Brands you can trust.

We believe in simplicity on the water and understanding the products which support this quest and we are very fortunate to have the ability to proudly bring these products to you.

With this in mind we will only seek out Fly Fishing Dealers who support the same feeling we have in Fly Fishing .. This is not an elitist sport .. This is a sport for all .. and needs to be shared and passed on generation to generation and those who feel they are better .. can fish alone and get there products somewhere else !

Thank you and remember  share the water .. respect the fish  and the nature they dwell in.


Göltschach 67
9161 Maria Rain, Austria
authentic to the core adventurers, anglers, tyers and the Ambassadors of our brands