Years Fishing? 

52 years of which fly-fishing 42 years.  Started with pike and perch at 5 years of age with dad in the archipelago of Stockholm.  Browntrout fly-fishing in Sweden from age of 15 and salmon from age of 18

My passion?

In terms of fish its atlantic salmon.  Such gorgeous creatures. Strong and powerful.
In terms of fishing in general I just love the planning of trips and fining new rivers I never tried before

Can you tell us a little about your home waters and the fish you pursue there?

Not mush of fly-fishing in and around Stockholm except rainbow put and take waters which is not my cup of tea at all.  My country house is 500km north west of Stockholm on the borders to Norway.  Hundred meters from my house there’s a smallish river called Grövlan.  Absolutely beautifyl with great dry flyfishing for Brown Trout, Grayling and the odd Char.  The brownies here can grow to 4-5kg..and still take dryflies!

What’s the height of the season for you? – What time of year is your personal favourite?

Early summer when everything just have become green. Its just much more beautiful to be out at that time than in the fall or early spring.  But also love March and April when I cast for a Scottish springer the first time of the new year

What are your favourite travel destinations?

Iceland is clearly number one followed by Norway.  Scotland is also lovely but not as beautiful as Norway and not as magical as Iceland

What’s on the bucket list?

Hmmm, been almost everywhere…but a bit more if Steelhead fishing is there. Also New Zealand and what would be very nice is Japan. Both for their trout and sea run fish

My go-to rods ?

for Salmon its more and more becoming good Switch rods of around 11’6 and wt 7.  Can’t wait to use Thomas & Thomas switch rods on River Thurso in April this year

What’s your current go-to fly?

For Salmon its two ugly bastards and one beauty – Ugly: Red Francis and Sunray Shadow – Beauty: Green Higlander / Greenlander Temple dog version of course

For Brown Trout in my home river its Ephemera Danica imitations, size 22-24 Jassids and Yellow May Dun